Made with passion

We at Valenlime love natural and healthful snacking. We love to produce the best fruits we can find, dry them, so we can share the joy with everyone. Our love for dried fruit and nuts blossomed because we discovered that they that nourish and refuel our bodies. Everyone wins!

The amazing fruit we dry is fair trade and harvested by farmers who care as much about great taste and good health as we do. Our way of drying fruit is special: we dry it in thin slices, since we discovered it’s the best way to preserve the fruits’ heavenly taste. Fruits and nuts are naturally vegan and good for us: they are free from sugar or any taste enhancers.

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There is so much behind our packaging!

While Valenlime packaging is engaging & energetic, it’s also smart. Our products are always delivered in cases sealed with nitrogen.

This means that after we wash and dry the fruit using Valenlime’s self-developed technology, we apply science to the mix: we remove almost all the oxygen from the packaging and instead add nitrogen. No oxygen means the fruit will stay fresh for a very long time. Opening the seal guarantees that the fruit still has that authentic aroma, flavor, and look! All this by just removing oxygen! And we designed our easy-open Valenlime packaging so it looks terrific on any table! Just remember to always recycle the cardboard and plastic so we enjoy the flavors of nature without hurting it! Whether in your home, on a picnic, or at the beach, do the following: Open package. Choose some luscious Valenlime fruit. Enjoy refreshing flavor. Relax. When finished, Recycle!

Our Philosophy

Valenlime uses the latest technology – not taste enhancers, to make sure the taste of the nuts and fruit we dry is absolutely incredible.

By cooperating with farmers, we gain access to fruit that is matchless in taste. We’re talking fruit that’s been ripened to perfection before we ever process it. This lets us focus on what really counts: the perfect taste you deserve.

Valenlime specializes in the development and research of drying techniques, and insists on outstanding quality, transportation, sales, distribution and customer service.


The world of fruit

The Valenlime team consists of people of different nationalities and backgrounds in health, fruit processing, and business. This culturally diverse and expert teamwork is what makes our dream work.

Blending many cultures also gives us unique opportunities within the global market. Not only do we gain valuable perspectives from this, but our diversified team lets us work on common goals, allowing us to be highly innovative, efficient, and in control of producing the finest quality products.

In addition, we believe that this blending of cultures in our team strengthens the values and beliefs that shape our expectations toward our products.

Our vision

We aspire to be recognized as a sustainable supplier within our industry, consistently providing our customers with the best value products. We uphold the highest standards of service, promoting healthy nutrition, and sustainable, fair and responsible cooperation with farmers, while providing nuts and dried fruit of superb quality.

We continually aim to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our production process without risking the quality and taste of our products. We’re actively expanding our assortment and distribution to meet global demands while making sure we cultivate a motivated, efficient, and fair working environment.